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Levee Work

So far, the Corps has strengthened 19 miles of American River levees by constructing slurry cut-off walls in the levees. The gaps near bridges and deep utility line crossings will be completed by jet grouting, slurry wall, seepage berms, or relief wells.

When the Corps completes the work at some of the most critical work sites at the end of 2004, a majority of Sacramento will be out of the 100-year flood plain. When all of the levee strengthening and raising is complete, the river’s design capacity to safely pass floodwater will increase to 145,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) from its current level of 115,000 cfs.

n Slurry wall
n Jet grouting
n Common Features Project Map

      Through Seepage Problem
Proposed Stability Berm Solution
Sand Boil Cracks ProblemSeepage Berms Solution